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My New Album

I had a great time making this new album. I have always loved country music although I ventured into many other music genres in my career.  Thanks to my dear friend Bobby Vandell, and a group of really outstanding musicians, I find myself back to my roots. I have dedicated this album in loving memory to my Dad and unsung hero, Ralph (Rosy) Rosales for tirelessly following a twelve year old girl's dreams  and sitting through her first gigs and countless smoke filled nights, and always keeping watch.  


On August 7th the Bobby Vandell band fronted for the Narvel Felts appearance at the Midwest Country Music Theatre in Sandstone, MN. It was a memorable concert and I was happy that Bobby invited me to be a part of it. From the left is Larry Rose, bass guitar, Narvel Felts (one of his many hits is "Reconsider Me"), Joe Savage, steel guitar, Bobby Vandell, drums, guitar and vocals, me and Dan Lund, electric guitar, all extraordinary musicians.



This is Larry Rose with me at the Midwest Country Music Theatre in Sandstone, MN. In the next picture I am thirteen years old and singing with Dale and the Devonaires.  Butch Grossnickle is playing bass. Dale Black's band was well known and respected in the midwestern states. His was the first professional band I was a part of.  


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